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New guy here saying hi looking to change my ways

Hey all my name is Eric I am a 28 year old male. A little about myself I am career forklift operator for a local pet food company so majority of my day is spent driving backwards sitting bouncing around of a 10,000 lb forklift 8 to 12 hours a day 6 to 7 days a week so I cannot say I am getting exercise while doing work though more often than not it is hot so I sweat a lot During what little free time I am either around friends having a drink or just hanging out or I am doing my passion which is automotive detailing hence my name of choice reflectionist usually slaving away polishing and waxing my truck or amilies vehicles. </p>

I am currently around 310 lbs drinking a lot of mountain dew (yes I know it is the worst of them all) smoking half to a full pack a day. I have a lot of stress and anxiety its just the way I am always have been I care about things and people and it causes a lot it and my body shows it. I have p90X and I am wanting to get into it I need to make a change I do not want to be this fat guy anymore. I want to be fit and keep up with kids n such.

I do not have kids of my own but would like to have one someday and the last thing I want is to have some other guy raise my kids because there dad was a fat lazy bum who didn’t take care of himself lets face it our age goes up not down but we have to do whats best for ourselves and our family. So I am currently looking to change eating habits currently I eat a lot of fast food because I work so much. To start out I am going to be doing subway, salads consisting of lettuce and spinach, and healthy choice frozen dinners.

I do not currently eat breakfast and I need to start just not sure where to start would like something quick and easy so I can get started in mornings. I have been doing some reading on shakeology also a friend at work is a reseller of advocare so I have been looking into that also. I want to get regular checkouts with my doctor to make sure I am not over doing it last thing I want is to cause any health issues from losing weight to fast or not eating enough causng issues.

I am looking forward to being a part of this forum during my transormaiton and looking to any advice you guys may throw my way to help me out. Please feel free to throw any suggestions my way by my birthday next june I want to be around 200 lbs and I strongly believe I can get there.

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